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John provided valuable and enjoyable English language lesson to me. I first asked him to mainly teach pronunciation and he well responded. He provided suitable samples and kindly repeatedly taught me to improve my pronunciations. Also, he provided many nice articles which were adjusted to my interest so that I could fully enjoy reading those and taking about the topics with him. He sometime took me outside and we talked about objects we saw while moving or at stores. It was excellent events, which provided many opportunities to encourage me to talk a lot in English with fun. I believe he is good at motivating his students to participate in lessons. In sum, I could take wonderful and meaningful English lesson by him.


— Yasu

I had learned 3 months of English from John Connors while I stayed in the U.S. Due to my unique working field, John tried to find some articles related to electronic news or management information for me to read. Not only did I learn English, but I also gained some cultural knowledge from it. John also found some interesting topics in class, like menu study, culture, U.S. history, travel and hi-tech news. He makes class joyful and relaxing,  and at the end of class, my child was also invited to learn English from him. My daughter learned English through reading books, playing chess and talking about photo card pictures. It was a wonderful experience by learning English like this. His lessons helped me to enhance my English skill and become more interested in English study.

當我短期居留美國之時,我跟John Connors先生學了三個月的英文課程
因為工作領域不同的關係,John 試著找一些電子相關文章以及管理資訊的文章讓我閱讀
他讓課程變得有趣又輕鬆, 在最後幾堂上課,我的小孩也被邀請加入學習,

— Wendy

Mr. Connors is a friend of my family because he was an English teacher for me, but also he spent a lot of time with my family. He invited us to join some activities and parties, and we could meet and talk with lots of native English speakers. In my opinion, it was a great chance for us to get a higher level of English skill and make friends. In his lessons, he taught me English words/grammar, of course, and basic pronunciation as well. Pronunciation is one of the important things to have good conversations with English speakers. I recommend you to take his lessons to get higher English skills.

— Yu Hasegawa


“John has been a good teacher. His lesson style was to improve my English skill by talking back and forth about my interests, which are Japanese history and Baseball. So I have never felt any suffering in my class.  This style was very helpful for a beginner like me.”

— Kosei Kudo

“I took a private class with John Connors of Advantage English for 11 months, and saw significant improvement in my conversation skills, my pronunciation, and my vocabulary. But my biggest improvement was in grammar. I believe this is because of John’s relaxed teaching style and how he challenges students to think about and discuss deep and complex topics, using proper grammar and expanded vocabulary. His lessons are flexible, always useful and never rushed. If you need to improve your English, John can help you.” 

— Eri Kudo

“Do you remember the very first lesson we met? I remember I didn’t understand English at all! I didn’t know anything about Boise before I came here. However, now I love Boise and living in the U.S. because of you. You taught me how to speak English, how to write an interesting story, American culture and how to backpacking too. I really enjoyed your lesson and learned so much from you. I’m more interested in English, and my English skill was improved.” 

— Eri Kajiwara

“I’ve received a total of 189 hours of language training for 2 years from Mr. Connors. Through the lessons I’ve been able to improve my English communication skills such as listening and speaking. He is a helpful, friendly, and fantastic gentle man. He is respectful of my requests and thoughts. For example, we had spent a lot of time on practicing pronunciation per my request.

Also we had read many articles and books I requested. We also discussed and enjoyed learning a lot of things about American culture and cultural differences between the U.S. and Japan. He also has many interesting personal aspects. He is a great athlete, sports instructor, and mountain lover. If you like outdoors and mountains you can also improve your English skills in a little bit different way through learning geography and nature and how to backpack in the mountains. I’d like to recommend that everyone take his class.” 

— Kazuto

“For over two years, I have studied English with Mr.Connors. The lessons have been comfortable for me, even after a long day of work. The lessons have been focused on vocabulary and pronunciation. He has adjusted the lessons to fit what I want. Now I feel more comfortable speaking English at work. If you are not familiar with living in the U.S., John can help you understand how things work. His lessons are relaxed and helpful.” 

— Yoshi

“I am a master degree program student. When I was in need for a tutor, my husband recommended Mr. Connors to me. I feel so lucky to have the chance of working with him. He helped me a lot with my papers. I like the fact that he corrected me without making me feel that I made a mistake. I’m planning on working with him again until I graduate in the fall of 2016.” 

— Khawla Almotawa

انا جارالله انا سعيد جدا انني تعرفت على صديق جون. في البدايه تعرفت على عن طريق احد الاصدقاء. في البدايه كان صديقي جون حريصا جدا على تعلمي بتكثيف مبدائ اللغه الانجليزيه. يمتاز جون بدق مواعيد و حرصه الشديد في اعطائئ الكثير من القصص الجديده وبحث عن طرق مناسبه لي. انا  الان ليس لدي فقط معلم بل لدي صديق ومعلم في نفس الوقت . انا سعيد جدا انني قد حصلت الكثير من المعلومات اللغويه التي اعطني صديق جون.
شكرا جون

“I have known John for a long time now. He is my English teacher. I practice my English with him casually in a cafe or while walking. I like how comfortable I feel during his lessons. Whenever I make a mistake, he corrects me in an indirect way. My English skills have gotten so much better since I started his lessons. I highly recommend John to everyone who wants to practice the English language and make big improvements. You will get to practice it in subjects you are actually interested in, in the time that suits your schedule.”

— Jarallah

“I am writing to express my thanks for helping me learn and speak English. I’m really glad you were my own teacher! You helped me a lot. We welcome you to visit us in Taiwan, we have lots of delicious food and wonderful things to see.”

Stephan & Iris