Whole Language English Courses

business English, American business culture, conversational English


Advantage English courses are based in whole language concepts and designed around two core principles:

• Learning English must be effective

• Learning English must be fun

How do we accomplish this?



English-language learning is effective when you are able to function in American daily life and American business situations. Advantage English courses are not limited to learning to grammar and vocabulary. Our instruction is focused on using grammar and vocabulary within conversation.

During class, we will talk about current events, American culture and other interesting topics. Within those conversations, your instructor will provide you with the grammar and vocabulary to communicate on those topics more easily. In other words, students learn English most effectively when communication drives grammar and vocabulary, not the other way around.


When you live and work in America, or if you communicate with Americans regularly, cultural nuance becomes more important than a technical understanding of language. Each course at Advantage English is designed to explain cultural nuance within language. This is perhaps the most fun and interesting part of class. And it will help you avoid misunderstandings with native English speakers.


After students discuss a topic, your Advantage English instructor will work on the correct pronunciation of any difficult words. English-language learners should not feel self-conscious about their natural accent. Accents are actually charming and interesting to native English speakers. However, many words sound similar to one another. So it’s very important to know when a mispronunciation can become a miscommunication.


In American business culture, negotiating things like contracts and pricing as well as negotiating duties and responsibilities may be how you spend much of your time. Advantage English courses are designed to help you communicate within a negotiation setting as well as understand the intricacies of how a native speaker is communicating to you.


“I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and there are as few as there are any other artist. Teaching might even be the greatest of arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.

– John Steinbeck